The worth of a person is measured in how much money they have or the things they can acomplish in life. When in all reality a wealthy person lives with little or no money . Acomplishing a persons love for there family and extending a hand to there community. Making the world around a persons riches better for there children’s upcoming family. Changing the world one good deed at a time creates more than riches everywhere you look someone has a different story. Pain sadness and even happiness is and will always be created by love . Love can cause pain and sadness but in a simple memory it can bring back happiness in everything you see. We were created to have emotions everyone’s are different but life is not made without love and death is not given without pain and sadness. Even experiencing pain and sadness you remember life remembering proves love exists in everything. life does not come without death . Both revolve around a simple memory love without it thered be nothing to remember nothing to see. Life begins with love and death is what continues on the memory . love is never ending without love life would be pointless eventually chious is all humanity would be creating. Without a memory life and death would eventually just be an ending . in life and in death love should be unconditional given to everyone. It can make a change if given unselfishly . There are many riches in the world love shouldn’t be something you rarely see it should be given generously.


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