Reflections of my life I’ve seen more than my life’s misdirections. Feeling like all my wrong doings created the next generation of consequences . Only acting off what they’ve seen and learned through out the years . If they had seen lessons learned from the beginning what they know wouldn’t be what they choose. In the end its never win or lose . Decisions made by instinct never planning on dealing with the consequences of what they know just living with consiquences as if that’s how every story goes. In the beginning there’s no room for a conscious towards the end eventually one grows. Generation after generation the cycle of violence poverty and unwillingness to change only makes us slaves to what we never even realize . Making a difference to the people around us watching learning and listening to our life without consiquences and freedom is the biggest mistake we make forgetting that we were put here to leadem. Life isn’t a game what is worth losing your child to what you know in reality consiquences you can’t beatem. Choises to teach them different options to make a difference doesn’t mean fate will change or generations after generations will prove to be better than the last . It simply means there life’s can be better than there past . Given both the option and the choice id start over and teach them a little slower a little simpler instill in them something that will forever last. We forget our children are our legacy.