The biggest small

Your whole life your were noticed for being one of the strongest biggest kid. No one ever realized how it made you feel so small . You never told anybody but how could you when the littlest brother was noticed for being cute and little. You did the harder work while to everyone he couldn’t help you would always ask why and we would always says because your tall he is to small. Looking back now I see how get angry with me I love you just as much but to you being big meant being invisible and being small meant always being watch afraid of what would happen. I don’t think you will ever realize how proud I am of you how smart you are and the way you teach him because he needs a little help he still to small . My gentle giant I used to call you and you would just laugh now realize there times you just wanted to be held protected like you were small . There’s one thing that you never seemed to see your older brother never was able to be small because of my mistakes he became the biggest of them all . he never did it in front of you two but he did in front of me he cry all the time and say I don’t want them to be like me . That’s why he tries so hard to keep you two small . no matter how old you get you’ll always be the little brothers protected most of all . I love you three thank you jay for being so brave even when I knew you wanted to be scared thank you James for being so strong when all you wanted was to be small thank you cande for inspiring so many people such a big influence in such a little boy . God wrap your arms around my boys keep them from harm weather David or Goliath please never let them fall . thank you lord


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